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Invitation with summer travel HYPNOCHIC

An air of freedom blows in the collection spring-be 2015 of HYPNOCHIC. A Smart Etnic inspiration bathed by the sun of summer.

With the neck the saltire always has the dimension! Erudite mixtures of pearls, rough and natural stones assembled on studded chains, chains lace or braided wire. They are accumulated because they dance with each one of our movements and are quite simply perfect to make any behaviour elegant.

Dimensioned crew-neck sweater, the drill plate makes its great return. Curtain of fine links animated of coloured pearls and nails for one finished luxury.

With the wrists the bracelets snap rings make us crack. Rough stones on yellow or pink brass electrify the minimal pace of this jewel. It only goes or decorated bracelets grigri Bohemian for a little light and of elegance.

One equips the ears with loops XXL. Hammered rings, candlesticks, multitude of chains strewn with pearls, foliages, out of gilded, pink brass or out of money. Loop XXL is into full revival for a Hippie look spirit Smart fashionable good.



The collection of jewelry was launched on the market in 2006.

The brand is energetic and young. With two collections a year she proposes to the women pleasant accessories, female, elegant and with the mode at accessible prices. More and more of women indeed buy each season of the basic vêtemetns, which they put each up to date time with accessories, so precisely seeming each different time, while wearing same clothing. And to which can one better go to make shopping for accessories than at Hypnochic?

The merry brand of accessories and jewelry displays, season after season, a rich collection of jewelry of imagination, which finds its inspiration everywhere in the world: rings, chains, the pendentive ones, bracelets,… very to make forget with a woman her day and this, for all the ages, all the styles of clothing and all the budgets.

Present at living room BIJORHCA

Present at living room BIJORHCA of the 23.01 to the 26.01.2015